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Tuesday, 7 May 2019

10 Essential applications for money management and storage

10 Essential applications for money management and storage
money management and storag

10 Essential applications for money management and storage

Are you very economical?  Can not control your budget?  The best solution to these problems is to reduce costs and save money.  But, this is easy to say.  It is very difficult to harvest.  In the era of current technology, we do everything through different applications.  Likewise, money management also requires quality applications.  Today we will see 10 reliable money management applications, which will help you to properly save money and reduce costs.

Personal Capital

Have you ever calculated your total amount?  Maybe every month or never did it.  The Personal Capital Aid will help you calculate your total amount of money and save money before retirement.

The main features of the application are:

  1. You can use many investment accounts together.
  2. Many credit cards can save money from an account.
  3. Find out about various retirement related information.
  4. Learn about secret fees for different economic areas.

The endowment and the iOS version of the Personal Capital app can be downloaded here.


If you want an app that tracks all your bills and balances from one place then you can install Mint.

The main features of the application are:

  1. You can track all types of bills and balances together.
  2. Find out where the lowest amount should be invested.
  3. Find out about retirement information.
  4. You can plan to invest in different categories.

The Mint App can be downloaded from the Android and iOS versions here.

YNAB - You Need A Budget

Everyone needs budget in different areas.  WiNAB is an app that you can get after solving any problems related to the budget.

 The main features of the application are:

  1. Your bank account can be synchronized from one place.
  2. Find out about loan information through various charts and notices.
  3. You can save more money by setting goals for daily storage.

The Android and iOS versions of the application can be downloaded from here.


We often come to terms with the difficulties of investing in different fields.  Or do not want to invest in my own business.  Because of that, we consider trouble to invest.  With the Wealthfront App, you will get all the solutions to investing.

The main features of the application are:

  1. You can learn about how to open different types of investment accounts.
  2. You can create your portfolio as an investor.
  3. Find out about tax and loan information.

You can download the Android and iOS version of the application for free.

Clarity Money

How to save money from your budget will teach you Clarity Money.  You can take your economic status to the next step through the Clarity Money App.

The main features of the application are:

  1. Cancellation of any site or app subscription with one click.
  2. Easily synchronize with any bank account.
  3. Money can be transferred without hassle among various bank accounts.

Clarity Money's iOS and Android version can be downloaded here.


You want to invest in different companies, but you can not invest in fear of risk.  Acorns will solve your problem.  From the application you can learn how to invest from minimum 5 dollars without risk in different companies.

The main features of this application,

  1. Can be able to invest automatically.
  2. You can create your portfolio as an investor.
  3. You can invest up to a minimum of $ 1 to $ 1 per month in installments.

Download the Android and iOS version of Accaron.


Do you want to save some extra money every month?  Then Albert could help you.  From the application you can learn how to save some extra money each month.

Albert's original features,

  1. Get notifications about extra costs and secret fees daily.
  2. You can create an automatic budget by calculating your income and expenditure.
  3. Find out about the financial goals and various loan related information.

The application was created for iOS users only.  You can download the iOS version of the app from here.


Do you sometimes forget to pay the bill?  The Prism Application will remind you of your billing and will be able to bill you in your automated manner by connecting with your bank account.

The main features of the application are:

  1. You can see all your bank accounts from one place.
  2. You can pay the bill automatically.
  3. You will be given a reminder to pay the bill at the end of each month.

You can download the application for Android, iOS and Windows version from here.


In the nineteenth century many people got money in the envelopes of the letter.  And the idea was made from Envelope like Emwells.  You can save some money from your bank account every month.

The main features of the application are:

  1. You can add numerous bank accounts.
  2. Can create budget automatically
  3. The monthly minimum allows you to save up to $ 40 to a maximum of $ 40.

The application was made in two versions, iOS and Android.


Occasionally we receive discounts and offers on various credit cards.  But due to various problems, they do not know about them.  Wallaby will tell you from now on about your discount rate and offers and offers.

The main features of the app are:

  1. After each transaction you will be informed about the best banks and credit cards in different categories.
  2. Can add many types of credit cards.
  3. You can control the whole app in excellent design and interface.

You can download Wallaby's iOS and Android version from here.

It is very important to save money to make the future beautiful.  In the future, if there is a problem of money for any reason, it can be solved with the money saved.  And now you have some reliable applications to accomplish this task.  So do not delay anymore, save the necessary money to ensure future security.

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