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Monday, 22 April 2019

Prepare for an interview in IT | Advance Job Preparation | Jobbazarbd

Prepare for an interview in IT | Advance Job Preparation | Jobbazarbd
Prepare for an interview in IT

Prepare for an interview in IT

It can never be said enough: it is crucial to be well prepared for a job interview.  But are the interviews in the world of web and computing different?  How should we approach them?

To help you, we provide you with targeted advice directly from our IT recruiters!

1. take nothing for granted

Yes, the unemployment rate is low.

Yes, there are many IT jobs.

Yes, your skills are sought after in the market.

But all this is not a reason to attend an interview without reading the job description or informing you about the company.

Even if there is a shortage of IT workers, you have to research and demonstrate your willingness to work within the company.  It is rather sad to see that some candidates show little interest in the company calling them for an interview.

You know, the world is small ... The director of development who receives you could find himself, next year, in the coolest startup in town.  If you have not made a good impression, it could ruin your chances of working there.  Remember, people move and your network is not infinite.  We must think further than the tip of his nose to avoid closing doors in the future.  In short, do your homework and demonstrate your motivation by carefully preparing your interview.

 2. be open and courteous

IT brings together several highly technical disciplines that evolve constantly.  So do not be surprised to have to explain to HR people what you are doing.  If you tell them that you are developing applications, that will not be enough to differentiate you from other candidates.

Another serious mistake is to adopt an arrogant tone with people who are not technical.  If you look down on human resources people because they do not know the difference between JavaScript and PHP, they might think that you treat customers that way, which is probably not the attitude you want!

 Remember that before meeting your future manager, you have to go through the HR filter.  If it does not match your personality, you greatly minimize your chances of getting the job.  Courtesy is not a superfluous effort!  And keep in mind that the interview starts at the reception.

3. see further than the technical aspect

In IT and web, a good portion of the interview will probably focus on skills, experience in programming, development, analysis, etc.  All this is very important, but the other aspect that will be validated is the ability to integrate into the team (the famous fit).  You will then have to demonstrate that you know how to collaborate, share your ideas, make your point, and listen to others.

To prepare yourself, remember times when you made a significant contribution to your team (unlocked a situation, found a good idea, etc.).  If you do not think about it in advance, it will be difficult during the interview to give an adequate answer.

Also, try to flush out the soft skills that are mentioned in the job posting.  Are we talking about teamwork?  On autonomy?  On adaptability?  It will be important during the meeting to demonstrate that you have these assets.

 4. study the job description

Be sure to read the job description thoroughly as the key to your job is there.  For each element, think about how you can relate to your personal experience.  Ultimately, you must demonstrate that you have everything you need and that you will be up and running quickly.

Prepare concrete examples and success stories to prove your skills with facts and achievements.  Without telling endless stories, sum up how you made the difference in a successful project.  Too many IT candidates do not make the effort to list their achievements and are left speechless when it comes time to answer this question.

If there are requested languages ​​and technologies that you do not know, it is important to emphasize your ability and interest in learning them.  The idea here will be to prove that your learning curve will be shorter than that of other candidates.

In summary, here are the main mistakes to avoid:

  • Neglecting to learn about the company
  • Put everything on your technical capacities
  • Do not know how to showcase your experience
  • To think that your personality is not important
  • Do not dwell on the job description

If your first interview is a success and you are being asked for new meetings, check out this article to properly prepare for a hiring process with multiple IT interviews.

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