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Saturday, 23 March 2019

5 reasons for losing jobs | Tips | Advice | Job Bazar BD

5 reasons for losing jobs

5 reasons for losing jobs

The number of people losing jobs in the world is increasing day by day. There is unemployment pressure above him. The situation in Bangladesh is even more horrific. It's a matter of luck to find another one when you leave a job. So should be careful about jobs. Along with this, we need to know the dangers of losing jobs. If you have 5 reasons to know-

Incrimination low: If the rate of increment increases in increments, then your position is not pleasant. So first discuss with your boss or human resources officer. Try to understand your performance problems. Try to get it done quickly without knowing it.

Learning something new: Get familiar with the new work every day. Because if you are back, the problem is yours. Establish your interest outside the traditional method. Take responsibility for new tasks to encourage yourself. Show interest in work. Learn about the work of other departments. Keep looking at at least.

Relationship deterioration: Is the boss always criticizing your work? Concert with colleagues is increasing? Then first identify the problem. Take responsibility with your responsibility if you make a mistake. If problems with the boss are increasing, your progress will also be hampered. In that case, be sure to win the trust of the boss.

Pruning is going on: Institution decides to cut costs to cut costs. Once again, the policy decides to reduce the number of employees. So keep an eye on this. Let's start looking for jobs elsewhere like this before.

Technology Improvement: Improvement of technology in the job market can be a big influence by 2022. By 2030, the use of technology in 30 percent of private sector jobs increased. As a result, there is no definite solution. One solution - to make yourself more efficient.

As a result, keep in touch with other organizations to save your honor and jobs. Also keep an eye on what kind of updates are being made to your organization.

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